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Since we are strong believers in solidarity and keeping up with the reality on the ground, we launched the Minassa Talks which is a  bi-weekly online talk show.


Through this show, we host diverse guests from different backgrounds to discuss trending topics particularly related to solidarity, cooperatives, economy, social matters, new ideas, innovation, etc.


Our show is responsive to people’s requests for topics, you suggest and we talk about them.


Let's Talk Solidarity...

and more!


What do we mean by solidarity? How do we shift from charity to solidarity?

What are cooperatives? How do we start one? What are the barriers facing cooperatives?

What roles are women taking in shaping the new reality on the ground? What are the barriers?

How do we challenge the existing monetary system in Lebanon? What are digital currencies?

Can currencies be democratic?

What are the roles of the diaspora in the situation in Lebanon? What are the tensions with local actors? What are the future directions?

Are you interested in collaborating with us for

bigger impact?

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 8.21.44 PM.png
"Shifting from Charity to Solidarity", Featuring Sarah Armouch (moderator), Fabric aid, Instafix, and 4all causes
Featuring Sarah Armouch (moderator), Maher Abou Shackra, and Dr. Abdalla Meheiddine


For each question, you ask and we ask, we identify speakers to share with us their knowledge around the matter.


Through our talk show, we are trying to spread awareness about topics related to solidarity and re-shape the existing narrative.


Interested to learn more

about this project?

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