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The “Collectives in a box” toolkit is a reference guide about the collective structures established by Oxfam in Lebanon.


It uses a step-by-step approach detailing how each type of structure has been designed, implemented, managed, and assessed.


Focused on identified best practices and lessons learned, the toolkit aims at applying learning from past collectives to accelerate the successes and achievements of newer ones. 

Collectives in a Box - Project Image

A how-to toolkit for establishing and supporting collective structures


Static toolboxes

Not user-friendly

Complicated learning material

Are you facing similar challenges and interested

to solve it?

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The toolkit is around 40 pages is divided into five clear stages


The outline of the tool-kit is divided into


A set of chapters, each specific to one type of collective structure


 Each chapter is divided into the following stages: Create, Activate, Monitor, Evaluate & Sustainability


Each stage includes a step-by-step list of the activities that the team undertook, key messages and learnings, and contextualized tips


Each stage includes a list of (already used) tools, templates, checklists, and FAQs

The existing toolkit was transformed on a web and mobile responsive digital platform designed to illustrate and place each procedure in a user-friendly and human-centered design, where the citizen will have the ability to check the list of (already used) tools, templates, checklists, and FAQs needed and to engage at each of the stages based on the use of each procedure or tool.




Interactive Tool

More than 15 downloadable tools

Simplified data with a friendly user-experience


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