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Daleel Tadamon (translated as Solidarity Directory) is

a hub that was created to identify existing local cooperatives, solidarity structures, and MSMEs in Lebanon in order to unravel their contextual realities and challenges.


The overall aim of Daleel Tadamon is to enable and ultimately empower those structures to challenge the prevailing clientelist and sectarian economic system, and to re-define social and economic relationships between members of communities.


Consequently, this will nurture a productive economy centered around democratic, solidarity, and equity pillars; rendering the overall economic model of Lebanon more solid and sustainable, and ensuring power-sharing across residents of Lebanon; liberating them from economic dependencies. 


Daleel Tadamon: Accelerator for Solidarity


The cooperative movement  in Lebanon is facing an array of  challenges including: 

Poor Infrastructure

Weak Digitalization

Limited Market Reach

Organizational Hindrances

Economic Instability

Lack of Awareness

Political Instability

Lack of Clear policies and Legal Frameworks

Are you interested in collaborating with Daleel Tadamon for bigger impact?


We decided to work hand in hand with cooperatives to build tailored plans with realistic actions to overcome their challenges.


Through training, networking opportunities, social media transformation, and organizational restructuring, we are collectively re-defining social and economic relationships.


The journey doesn’t stop here, if you have an idea which is can be scaled out, we will work with you to make it happen, to build a democratic enterprise that is responsive to the realities on the ground.


To have a strong cooperative and impactful movement in Lebanon built on pillars of democracy, solidarity, and equity.

A movement with a solid infrastructure that will reshape the social and economic scenes of Lebanon.


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about this project?

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