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Local cooperatives in Lebanon have reported struggling in marketing their products. How many of us don’t even know that these cooperatives exist?


Now you can have a real taste of these cooperatives through the Solidarity Box. Ideating with members of cooperatives, we developed the idea of gathering products of different cooperatives spread across Lebanon in one box that anyone can purchase.


This box is direct support for local cooperatives both financially and for visibility. 

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Can Solidarity Come

in a Box?

How do we increase

awareness about cooperatives in Lebanon?

How do we access the products of these cooperatives?

How do we increase market reach of these cooperatives and put them on the map?

How can these cooperatives stay up to date with global marketing trends?


Are you facing similar challenges and interested

to solve it?



Together with cooperatives through interviews and ideation, we created the Solidarity Box. It was pilot tested during the festive season in December 2020, resulting in a big success and more demand for such boxes.



From that point onward, the Solidarity Box will be scaled out to become a year-round box with different seasonal products and with a bigger marketplace reach beyond Lebanon.



More than

500 items sold

12.3 M LBP income generation for cooperatives

80 members of cooperatives supported from 8 cooperatives across Lebanon 


Interested to learn more

about this project?

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